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Forte Range - Tex Back Vinyl

F69 Havanna Oak 696L.jpg
Havanna F69
Plank width: 165mm
Pattern 150 x 100
Warm Oak F99
Plank width: 200mm
Pattern 150 x 100
F71 Lime Oak 719L.jpg
Lime Oak F71
Plank width 200mm
Pattern: 150 x 100
Lime oak 169M.jpg
Lime Oak F169M
Plank width: 200mm
Pattern 150 x 100
Texas Oak 106L.jpg
Texas Oak F106L
Plank width: 200mm
Pattern 150 x 100

Domestic Vinyl

Forte- Tex Back

Bautex has put together a few ranges of vinyl for the Domestic market. In the Forte range there is a variety of natural-looking woods and tiles, in a selection of innovative designs to offer you the perfect solution to your cushion vinyl needs. 



    Slip Rating:                    R10

    Total Thickness:            2.0 mm

    Wear Layer:                   0.2 mm

    Total weight:                  1400 gr/sqm

    Width:                             4 m, 

    Standard Roll Length:  32 m

    Warranty:                       5 yrs

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